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Data Retention in Australia Problematic

Back in September, the Australian senate passed a bill that dramatically expands the powers of intelligence agencies, whilst at the same tie creating new offences for disclosing information about the operations they will undertake with these new powers. This is just the first of a three revamps of privacy legislation in [...]


Privacy Professionals Required

Recent studies have indicated that the need for strong privacy knowledge is greater than ever. The so-called privacy boom has led to increased privacy budgets and positive implications for those working in the privacy [...]


Myths of the Privacy Budget

Based on the findings from the IAPP Industry of Privacy survey, this article looks at the breakdown of privacy budgets in various-sized organizations worldwide. It also debunks two common myths of privacy [...]


Setting Privacy Budgets

During spring 2014, the IAPP studied the roles of privacy professionals worldwide, with a particular interest in the influence they had on budget spending and the areas over which they had primary control. This article focuses on the decision-making authorities professionals have, particularly in terms of budget formation and [...]


Yelp Settles on Child Privacy Violation Allegations

In mid-September, Yelp agreed to pay US$450,000 to the Federal Trade Commission in order to settle charges that the company accepted registrations to its services from children under 13 years of age, through its [...]