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The GPS Act

This article introduces the Geolocation Privacy and Surveillance (GPS) Act, which was introduced in March 2014. It aims to criminalize the surreptitious tracking of individuals and requires the government to obtain a warrant before collecting geolocation [...]


Smart Homes 101

Nest Labs is a developer of connected home devices, such as thermostats and smoke alarms. The company was recently acquired by tech giant, Google, and has since announced plans to begin sharing information with its corporate [...]


DAA Releases Self-Regulatory Mobile Guidelines

In June, the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) released its mobile privacy guidelines, which set out rules for collecting data and serving ads on mobile devices. Later, it announced that it was in the process of finalizing a mobile privacy app that would help support and implement its latest [...]


EU Establishes Right to be Forgotten

The EU Court of Justice has recently ruled that search engines – including Google, Bing and Yahoo – allow users the right to be [...]


Microsoft Releases a New Privacy Policy

Microsoft’s new simplified privacy and services policy will come into effect July 31, [...]