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Introduction to Privacy Law in Brazil

This article takes a look at two pieces of Brazil’s privacy legislation: the Civil Internet Bill, passed in mid-2014 and the Personal Data Protection Bill, which is currently in its draft [...]


State Surveillance in Kenya

This article takes a look at privacy issues facing Kenyans in light of the recently introduced omnibus bill known as the Security Laws (Amendment) Bill [...]


Surveillance Technology Exports from Switzerland

In early 2015, the Swiss Government was forced to publish the list of export licenses for surveillance technologies and other [...]


Verizon's Zombie Cookie Enables Targeting Advertising Efforts

This article takes a look at Verizon’s so-called “zombie” cookies, installed on customers’ mobile browsers. The cookies help advertising partners in targeted mobile advertising and can be restored even after being cleared from a customer’s [...]


Confidence in Canadian Federal Government

This article takes a look at Canadian perceptions regarding the federal government’s privacy protections. While there is wide support for government surveillance, a substantial minority believes that it threatens democracy and privacy [...]