Progress Report: CIPP

Finally made it through the first chapter. There are a ton of facts, and I’m trying to create questions at the same time. The 2nd chapter is a much easier read – not nearly as information dense. I should have a few more questions on the site in the next few days. Side note: the pages on the CIPP book are falling out. Literally. And the book’s only an inch thick, so it’s pretty ridiculous – I’ve contacted the IAPP, so we’ll see what happens. I probably just have a defective one, but if not, this’ll be one heck of a reference stack after the first use…

I set up a separate reading list on the forum, articles that if I had an unlimited amount of time and energy would definitely be worth commenting on. Alas, many of them will only receive a sentence, but at least it’s a start. A perfect example – the City of New York is installing a video surveillance system throughout Manhattan. Not just a bunch of cameras that may be accessed after the fact like London, but real-time, 24 style surveillance. There’s city planning (move the blueprints a couple of feet to the right), street light controls to cordon off segments of the city, and automatic barricades near the financial district. Wonder who has access to all that technology?


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