The New Data Governance Triangle

For some time, the focus of Data Governance has been People / Process / and Technology. But wait, there’s more.

Data Privacy and Data Security are two critical components that are not given enough attention as the Governance journey begins. If we explode the triangle to another level, we have Data Quality (containing People/Process/Technology) / Data Privacy / and Data Security.

Recently, I was speaking with the owner of the PeopleSoft Governance at a large manufacturing company. “We are completely mature in our effort” he added proudly. Unbeknownst to him, people were taking data out of PeopleSoft and putting it into SAP mini-masters for SAP Project Systems. There was no control either of roles accessing the information, nor use of the information. The front door was bolted shut and armed, but the back door was open.

I attended the Privacy Academy (an annual conference) in Boston this fall. There I asked privacy practitioners about their relationship with the Data Governance Teams. “They don’t let me be part of the effort until they are all set up”, was a common complaint. The frustration was evident.

The need for data privacy is easy to understand with HR data, medical data, or consumer data, but all data efforts need to assess their needs. Do you have contact information or other information about people that is associated with customers, products, vendors, or other data? Your data privacy people want to hear from you.

I suspect that the data security team has the same complaint. I will focus more on that in 2010. Right now I am working to complete the Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) exam, having passed the obligatory Foundations Exam at the Academy. Privacy is a fascinating subject.

Read more about data quality in Nancy’s, Data Quality in 5 Steps, in Information Magazine


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