CIPP Guide is expanding

We at the CIPP Guide are getting to that point.  The site is far from self-sufficient between hosting fees, development costs, advertising and time.  We are at the moment where we decide what to do with the new products we’re developing.  After much blood, sweat and tears, we will extend our membership levels, incorporating a paid subscription area of the site.

The free access that users had before this change will continue – forums and test questions will remain free and open to all registered users.  We are expanding our offerings a bit by incorporating the testing technology we’re developing.  We will also be consolidating article & posts with new material, creating a more coherent and user friendly prep guide.  More details on the new subscription offerings may be found on the subscribe tab.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with donations along the way.  If you have donated in the past and find you do not have the access you expected, please contact us through the forums.  We hope you will all appreciate the new changes, and for those of you that take advantage of the introductory prices, please let us know what you think of the new products so we can make them better!

Best Regards!


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