***NEW*** Case Studies Now Available

We’re constantly trying to improve our service offerings.  In that vein, we just added the first set of case studies to the site.  Gold subscribers may find them under the Premium Services Tab.
Subscription options may be found under the subscribe tab or here.


2 comments to ***NEW*** Case Studies now available in the Gold Subscribers section

  • risaac

    I just downloaded CIPP/G test prep CBK#1 and noticed in several instances that there appears to be two answers for questions that ask “Which is the best way…?” Can more than one answer be possible when the question infers one is most appropriate? Do some questions have more than one “right” answer?…ie #1, 2, 5,7,10, etc

  • On the exams, there is only one “best” answer. On some of our older tests, we still have more than one answer as a philosophical “learning” experience. All of the newer exams are one answer, and we’re updating the older ones as able. Btw, the printable tests are a little slower to update than the new engine exams…

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