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CIPPguide will assist in preparation for the Certified Information Privacy Professional examination.

This web site is offering free privacy education resources to help you expand your knowledge and skills or simply to reach some of your certification goals.

As an anonymous user on the web site there is little you will have access to. Registration will give you extra benefits and also allow you to access content such as our download section, our Ask the Expert interviews, our quiz engine, our web links, and our forums to name only a few.

IMPORTANT: Usage Agreement (Please read)

By registering on this web site you give permission and authorize cippGuide.Org to send you advertising messages from our sponsors. The messages sent are for products or services that are security or privacy oriented. We will NOT send messages about male enhancement or other types of get rich/bigger scams or similar services. The messages from our sponsors are sent only a few times a month and your email address is NEVER given or resold to anyone else. We will pass the message on behalf of our sponsors but they never get access to your email address.

We reserve the right to use advertising our sponsors to offset operations costs.  The web site offers FREE ACCESS to the forums and the standard test engine.

Forcing registration also ensures that we minimize the amount of junk that unscrupulous users attempt to post within messages, comments, web links, download areas, forums, or any other place where they can post their unsolicited and unwanted messages. The greatest benefit of all is the fact that it helps us in maintaining quality content.

If you do not agree with the policy above, please do not register.

Revision 2.0 - Enacted 3/8/2010
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