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Thank you so much for registering for the site!  As a registered user, you have access to many of the CIPP preparation resources, including the forums, privacy articles and most importantly, the FREE SAMPLE TESTS.  The tests included are not from the IAPP’s exams (that would break the terms of certification), but are based on the IAPP provided materials.  The tests page lists the IAPP source for each particular group of questions.

In addition to the free, Bronze level subscription, we also offer two paid subscriptions.  The Silver subscription includes all of the items from the Bronze and provides answers and explanations to each sample test question.  The Gold subscription adds the paper aspects of the site, allowing users to print both Prep Guides and ToGo versions of the tests.  Please see below for a side by side comparison and further details on each of the products.

CIPP Guide Subscription Quick Comparison
Membership LevelRegister for Bronze Level Access to the CIPP Guide
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Register for Gold Level Access to the CIPP Guide
Forum Access|YesYesYes
Article Access|YesYesYes
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ToGo PDF Tests|NoNoYes
Prep Guide Access|NoNoYes
Price|Free$39.99 (Alpha pricing*)$49.99 (Alpha pricing*)
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Silver level access is available to individuals pursuing their CIPP independently from their employer.


Extensive Test Bank

Our extensive test bank has hundreds of questions for all concentrations of the CIPP.


Our forums contain candidate comments, test taking tips, discussion groups and an area that successful candidates may resell their certification materials.

Interactive Test Engine*

Our new test engine includes three modes of operation: exam, learning and flashcard modes. Learning and flashcard modes provide detailed rationale and hyper-linked explanations to test questions.

Prep Guide*

CIPP Guide study materials, consolidating real-world insights and articles into a referenced, hyper-linked learning experience to augment the official IAPP materials.

ToGo Tests

Printable PDF versions of the tests with answer keys for the busy professional on the go.

* – ALPHA Program

During this developmental period, “Early Adopters” will have access to the new test engine and/or the Prep Guides. As we move closer to the Release Candidate, these prices will only go up. Existing users won’t be affected by price increases. The ALPHA exam engine has all tests available in the standard CIPP Guide test engine. The ALPHA study materials are not complete (approx 80% for the Foundations exam) or fully cross-referenced.

If you have any problems with registration, email the administrator through ‘registration at cippguide dot org’. Please contact us for special student, group and government employee rates.


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