Phone Data Security at Your Fingertips

Researchers from New York University and Michigan State University say the key to phone data vulnerability is at your fingertips. Biometrics, namely fingerprints, are a common means of user authentication. But, is it as secure as it appears to be? In a study published in IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, researchers considered the possibility of hackers creating a set of synthetic or real “Master Fingerprints” able to log into a high rate of devices.

Smartphones’ sensor for collecting fingerprint data is too tiny to accommodate the whole print. So, users are prompted to give multiple impressions of the same finger when setting it up. A user is prompted to give [...]


Anonymous Credentialing Systems

Credential systems enable users to obtain credentials from organizations and demonstrate possession of these credentials. There are three types of players in a basic credential system: users, organizations and verifiers. Such systems are made up of protocols for a user to join the system, register with an organization, obtain multi-show credentials and show such credentials. Anonymous credential systems allow users to authenticate themselves while still protecting their privacy. This article takes a look at the advantages and disadvantages of credential systems and anonymous credential [...]


Operation High Roller

This article takes a look at Operation High Roller, a financial fraud ring that has targeted high-value accounts belonging to businesses and individuals across the globe. This ring develops on Zeus and SpyEye techniques and is highly automated, bypassing physical multi-factor authentication, automates mule account databases, performs server-based fraudulent transactions and attempts transfers to mule business accounts. It is estimated that at least $78 million has been stolen by Operation High [...]


Identity Access Management: Processes, Services and Advantages

IAM systems have evolved significantly over the last fifty years. Their range of functions have increased and IAM services now boast numerous advantages. This article defines IAM systems and takes a look at the functions and components of IAM [...]


Ontario’s Privacy-Protective Facial Recognition System

Efficient and accurate authentication of individuals is a growing challenge across a number of sectors. There are currently three main forms of authentication, based on something you know, something you have and something you are. The third form is especially interesting in light of biometric technologies as a means of verification. This article explores some recent applications of biometrics in Ontario.

OLG and OIPC Announcement
On November 12, 2010, Tom Marinelli, the Acting CEO of the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation (OLG) and Dr. Ann Cavoukian, the Ontario Information & Privacy Commissioner (OIPC), announced a new development in privacy-protective facial recognition technology. [...]