Privacy Shield

The ways American companies and the United States government can collect, process, transfer, and store European citizens’ private data are changing. In 2015, European Union courts invalidated the US/EU privacy “Safe Harbor,” invalidating the decade-old information sharing agreement. American businesses, European citizens, and privacy advocates all over the globe have closely watched the development of Safe Harbor’s replacement policy. In the summer of 2016, Privacy Shield came to fruition and is enforced as of August 2016. This article takes a look at what Privacy Shield is and how it came to be.

Safe Harbor

Unlike in Europe, the United States does not [...]


Uruguay Achieves Adequacy Under EU Regulations

In August 2012, the European Parliament and the Council on adequate protection of personal data deemed that Uruguay’s data protection framework is at an adequate level, meaning that it meets or exceeds the requirements stipulated in the EU’s Data Protection Directive 94/46/EC. The adequacy finding means the EU member states can freely transfer personal data to Uruguay without additional [...]


International Data Transfers: Updated Model Clauses

This article takes a look at the issue of international data transfers and model clauses within the European Union/European Economic Area (EU/EEA). The European Commission permits international data transfers only if the recipient state has data protection legislation that has been deemed adequate. Model clauses, first designed in 2002, ensure compliance with data protection laws. In February 2010, the Commission made some substantial adjustments to these model clauses, in order to keep them relevant with the realities of contracting and subcontracting [...]


CCTV in the European Union

This article takes a look at CCTV surveillance in Europe. Studies revealed that a growing number of publicly accessible spaces have CCTV systems that are often not well-notified. Although the majority of people are mostly uninformed about CCTV and the inherent privacy issues, the majority of them support CCTV as a means of crime deterrence. The article also examines the legal framework that regulates CCTV use in [...]


Choice and Consent

The development of information privacy and data protection laws has sought to give data subjects greater control over their personal information. The concepts of choice and consent have been key to granting data subjects such control by allowing them the opportunity to make informed choices regarding who has access to their information and how it may be [...]