Wikipedia and Amazon opt out of UK controversy

Amazon and Wikimedia will sidestep the storm brewing around Phorm and the British ISP’s. Last week, after the announcement by the European Commission that charges would be brought against the United Kingdom for failing to conform to the EU Data Protection Directive, both Amazon UK and Wikimedia announced they will not participate in the behavioral advertising vendor’s [...]


EU begins legal action against UK over privacy

The Europeans value privacy; it is a fundamental human right in their eyes. The European Commission began legal action against the United Kingdom Tuesday for failure to “ensure, among other things, the confidentiality of communications by prohibiting interception and surveillance without the user’s [...]


Finland's Fingerprinting Fiasco? Centralized private records database accessible by police

Finland will collect all their citizens’ fingerprints, store them in a central database and include them in passport ID chips. Singapore’s been doing this for several years, and the parallels and privacy implications are deeper than [...]


NSA spied on journalists during wiretapping program - an analysis of the hype

Last week, on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”, former NSA Analyst Robert Tice reported that the NSA spied on journalists as part of their Wiretapping program to root out terrorism.  The media has a way of editing/hyping stories, so let’s play Devil’s Advocate, and examine what the interview actually charges for violations of privacy rights.

First, Mr. Olbermann points out several inconsistencies within the Bush Administration’s handling of wiretapping.  Originally, the wiretaps required court orders.  Then interception of international communications are only for people with clear and known links to terrorist networks.  Mr. Tice states from his observations that ordinary citizens were [...]


Privacy and Messaging through Postini

Postini is Google’s 2006 acquisition for secure messaging, and a direct competitor to IronPort. All of their offerings surround Software As A Service (SAAS), matching directly with Google’s overall technology strategy. They provide several services, including web security, anti-spam/malware, mail filtering, and archival with indexing. The Data Leakage Prevention capabilities provide privacy protections through outbound communication filters. Additionally, there are management tools and continuity procedures appropriate for enterprise use.

Postini’s background technology stems from threat assessment and message parsing capabilities, grown through several years as a primary mail provider. There are two major patents, with a variety of [...]