Take Note: Nevermind our Privacy Policy Change

Evernote is revisiting proposed privacy policy changes after user uproar. Makers of the archiving app announced a new policy at the end of 2016 which included Evernote employees the ability to view user notes. The kicker is that while app users could choose to opt out of that, the company policy would leave room for employees to snoop for other reasons.

The Elephant in the Room

Millions of people save text, photos, and documents on Evernote accounts to make their data available on any device. The data is stored and users may choose to share it with family members or coworkers or keep it to themselves. Notes can be pictures, voice recordings, text, [...]


Implied Consent Model for Online Notice

This article takes a look at the concept of implied consent, in which consent is inferred from one’s actions and current circumstance. Implied consent is examined in the context of the EU’s e-Privacy [...]


Evidon Launches Mobile Privacy Solution Ad Control

This article introduces Evidon’s latest app, Ad Control, which is essentially the mobile counterpart to the ad industry’s Ad Choices self-regulatory program that permits consumers to opt-out of online-targeted [...]


Meaningful Privacy Protections for Mobile Services

Mobile environments present unique threats and challenges to privacy and security. This article takes a look at two main types of threats in such environments: signal interception and access to user information. It then examines four important recommendations made by EPIC to the mobile industry regarding the current state of privacy protection approaches. These recommendations are: 1) A notice-based privacy regime provides inadequate protection for consumers; 2) Privacy labels or icons suffer from many of the same flaws as traditional privacy notices; 3) The FTC’s conception of disclosure should include transparency, access and correction, in addition to notice; and 4) Explore the connection between disclosure and a broader regime of privacy [...]


Privacy Engineering: Privacy-by-Policy vs. Privacy-by-Architecture

There are two main approaches to engineering privacy protection: privacy-by-policy and privacy-by-architecture. Privacy-by-policy relies on the Fair Information Practices and notice and choice. Privacy-by-architecture leverages privacy protective technologies. While they are normally considered dichotomous, privacy experts recommend a hybrid approach that integrates these two [...]