Take Note: Nevermind our Privacy Policy Change

Evernote is revisiting proposed privacy policy changes after user uproar. Makers of the archiving app announced a new policy at the end of 2016 which included Evernote employees the ability to view user notes. The kicker is that while app users could choose to opt out of that, the company policy would leave room for employees to snoop for other reasons.

The Elephant in the Room

Millions of people save text, photos, and documents on Evernote accounts to make their data available on any device. The data is stored and users may choose to share it with family members or coworkers or keep it to themselves. Notes can be pictures, voice recordings, text, [...]


Components of a Privacy Policy

Enterprise privacy policies and privacy programs are essential. While policies alone cannot prevent data breaches or misuse of personal information, they are a good step in ensuring transparency and privacy-friendly practices. A privacy policy should contain the following key components: notice; consumer choice; access and correction; security; and [...]


Resisting Online Tracking: New Features & Tools

The three major internet browser providers – Mozilla, Google and Microsoft – respond to the Federal Trade Commission’s 2010 report calling for do-not-track mechanisms. The article introduces Mozilla’s Firefox do-not-track header, Google’s Chrome online tracking tool and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Tracking Protection feature, as well as other practices users may consider in order to reduce online [...]


Facebook’s Data-Sharing Mistake

On Tuesday, January 18 2011, Facebook announced its decision to suspend the controversial feature allowing developers to access users’ home addresses and mobile numbers. The announcement comes just days after the social networking website decided to share users’ contact information with third party app developers. Privacy watchdogs have long decried Facebook’s privacy and security failings, which have affected its over 500 million users [...]


Google Buzz

When Google launched its social networking tool, Google Buzz in February 2010, privacy advocates around the world raised concerns regarding its features. Although Google has since made significant changes, the compromises and intrusions of privacy still remain a troubling characteristic of many Web services and online networking [...]