Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

A growing number of self-insured employers are tying corporate wellness plans into apps that track their employees’ movements.  Looking for ways to cut the increasing costs associated with providing healthcare plans, these employers are encouraging healthy choices and accountability. Some companies are offering additional health plan choices to employees who participate in such programs.  But in participating, many workers may not realize their personal information may be at risk.


The Wearable Trend

Employees supply their own devices like smart watches, smart glasses and fitness trackers, known in the industry as “enterprise wearables,” which are then linked into an app accessible by the [...]


Wearable Technology Raises Privacy Concerns

This article introduces the privacy and data protection issues raised by wearable technology, such as Google Glass as smart [...]


Looking at Employee Testing

This article breaks down the different forms of employee drug and alcohol testing: 1) Pre-employment or pre-access testing; 2) Reasonable cause testing; 3) Post-incident testing; 4) Random testing; and 5) Testing as a part of a return-to-work protocol. The article also introduces the three common methods of testing, and some trends in Canadian case [...]


Stored Communications Act Protects FB Posts

This article takes a look at a recent case (Ehling v. Monmouth-Ocean Hospital Service Corp.) in which an employee claimed that she was protected by the Stored Communications Act (SCA), when information she has posted to her Facebook resulted in her termination. This case is an important reminder to employers against unauthorized access to employees’ social media activities that are not open to the general [...]


Workplace Privacy: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

By law, US federal agencies are required to ensure the protection of the personally identifiable information (PII) they collect, store and transmit. This article takes a look at how the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) handles data to ensure that privacy laws and regulations are being [...]