Vendor Vulnerabilities: Is NSA Obligated to Let them Know?

Cisco’s Cloud Service Platform customers received word of exposures that could severely risk their data’s privacy. In September 2016, Cisco informed their virtual networking clients of the discovery that more than 840,000 devices are open to two serious vulnerabilities. Fortinet customers’ data were also exposed in the theft. These exploits can lead to man in the middle attacks around the globe.

Shadow Brokers 

A group identifying itself as Shadow Brokers allegedly stole exploits from Equation Group, linked to the National Security Agency three years ago. Using a Twitter account, Shadow Brokers recently announced an auction for firewall exploits they claim they found with a hacking tool used by the NSA. The group demanded Bitcoins in exchange for data with codenames such as EPICBANANA, EGREGIOUSBLUNDER, AND EXTRABACON.


One of the exploits that targets Cisco ASA, Cisco Firewall Services [...]


Operation Shady RAT

This article takes a look at Operation Shady RAT, a five-year hacking attack that targeted 14 different countries and at least 72 different organizations. Included in the victim list were governments; technology and defense companies; nonprofit sports bodies; and think tanks. Hackers used RATs (remote administration tools) to facilitate long-term monitoring, collection of credentials, network probing and data exfiltration of victim [...]


Operation Aurora

In early 2010, McAfee Labs revealed information on Operation Aurora, which involved high-profile attacks on Google and at least 30 other companies around the world. The malware samples involved in the Operation Aurora attacks exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The attackers were able to access an organization though tailored malware attacks to one or more targeted [...]


SANS: Top Security Risks

The 2009 SANS Institute’s “Top Cyber Security Risks” report identifies some of the major risks and vulnerabilities that are commonly ignored by organizations. The top two “priority” risks are: 1) Unpatched client-side software and 2) Vulnerable internet-facing websites. The report goes on to identify some vulnerability trends and lists best practices for mitigation and control of security [...]