Welcome to the wbExam converter download site.  As a complement to wbExam, wbExamConvert extends the ease of new quiz, exam, or test creation and overall usability of the wbExam plugin engine. To use the converter, simply create a spreadsheet with columns of question type, questions, answers and rationale. Export it as a csv, and run wbExamConvert perl script against the file. It fills in the php formatting, question array codes and more.

Download the latest wbExamConvert zip file here.
Revision History:
0.1.5 7/29/2009 - comma and quote handling
0.1.1 5/29/2009 - bug fixes remove random quotation marks
0.1.0 4/01/2009 - initial release

As an unofficial mirror to the wbExam site, find the wbExam.0.2.3 package here.

For any donation above $4, we will keep you informed by email of our next release.